How would you live you life if you knew you were going to die? Would you grump at your husband about all the things he doesn’t do? Would you do that job you hate? Would you clean your house from top to bottom in case the neighbour pops in? Would you never take holidays because the mortgage payments and the school fees come first?

My father passed away on this day at this time last year. In his last moments he said with his whole heart “I have had a great life” He and my mother lived on an island, he worked to live not lived to work, they took regular holidays, he loved my mother up everyday. He laughed and laughed. He would get out and feel the sunshine, marvel at a sunset.

Live your life to the fullest. Mornington Peninsula.

At the end there were no regrets. He hadn’t wasted his life always in the hope of the future. He lived it everyday like it was his last. The reality is we are all marching towards death. How do you live it with no regrets? Today as I write this I am sitting on bench looking at the water feeling complete peace for this day. What are you doing ? How we spend our life is a choice don’t waste it. What do you need to change to live it like Rayzer (my Dad) with no regrets?

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