Meet Brigette:

Motivational speaker, author and revered health coach based in Victoria, Australia.

I teach you how to radiate Calm, like you’ve just done your favourite yoga class. Vibrant so you can keep up with your kids. Free to create time for the most important person: YOU.

I know when you commit to you – jump all in like your life depends upon it, you feel powerful again. You understand you have control over your health. Life goes from a struggle to a breeze. You feel passionately alive.

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By putting myself first (guilt-free)

I’m a better mother, partner and me.

10 years ago, my life changed forever. I was drowning in a sea of busyness and commitments. Constantly running on empty and putting others first. There was no me.

This led to cancer. My wakeup call came when my treatment didn’t work. It was then that I surrendered, let go and re-learned how to feel alive again.

I took a hard look at what wasn’t working in my life and found the courage to make changes. Today I feel vibrant and healthy. I feel re-ignited, alive to life. I put myself first (guilt-free), knowing I am a better mother, partner and me.