You know that feeling, you start to worry about money… your shoulders tighten, your temples are pounding. If you are really going to crazy land you see your house being repossessed.  Next minute unexpected bills come in like your car needs servicing.

Maybe you have a teenager he suddenly stopped communicating and then your thoughts have gone to drug addiction a life of crime.  Can you relate?

Here is what I know to be true… our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

Imagine you have a flashlight, and this is the movie of your life.  Where you shine the light -t he constant thoughts and feelings of lack of money or worry about your kids becomes your reality.

How do I do the switch-a-roo to attracting the good?

Step 1:Take your flash light again…we are thinking about  finances.  Shine your light on the areas you feel abundant in.  It might be I have a loving family, … the love for your home space right now.  With the teenager that has just turned feral turn your attention away from worry to a place of love.  Bring in a loving memory about the teen.

Step 2: Sit quietly and ask for universal guidance on how you might solve the challenge you have.

Step 3: Now we open to receiving the guidance.  It might come in the form of  an inspiring thought that you know you would not of thought of. You may have a friend ring you out of the blue  and offer the exact piece of information you need.

If all of what I have said sounds woo woo and is making your head spin, don’t press the unsubscribe.   Here is another way to think about it.  When you are in a state of worry or lack, your stress hormones switch on.  Long-term this  leads to bad decision making.   Switching your thoughts to a better thought like love, gratitude or acceptance enables you to make a better decision.

In my own life I have used this to draw towards me a vibrant healthy life and a beautiful rewarding second life career.  One client Leonie went from feeling totally responsible and weighed down with chronic back pain to loving her life and no pain.  If you need help to do the switch-a-roo contact me

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