If you feel guilty about stopping here is your opportunity to stop. I know that it feels uncomfortable. You need to be doing something. Maybe you have cleaned and vacuumed so many times you could eat your dinner off each surface. Maybe you are feeling the strain of being in constant social contact with family in lock-down for long periods of time.

The magic comes when you let yourself have a little silence and notice.. Those moments when you stop the “busy” could open the window your soul has always known. For me when my illness 10 years ago forced me to stop it opened up a life that is less hurried yet so more rewarding and easier than before. I want to show you a magical moment this morning involving dolphins, me and Coco (my dog). CLICK HERE Truthfully these days my life is filled with magical moments every day. I turn up the volume on these moments and turn down the volume on the worry wort times.
Here are 3 tips to create your own magical moments.

(I recommend you start with one and build up your muscle.)
1.Sit in silence for 5 minutes and just breathe each day. Here you gain an awareness of your busy mind. It feels weird and uncomfortable at first. In time you have micro moments of quiet where you feel calm.

2. Start your day with a journaling practice. You write down what is in your stream of consciousness for 5 mins. This allows you to see where your thoughts go. Once you build your exercise muscle it provides an opportunity for your higher conscious to send you messages.

3.Walk in nature, shoes off device free, alone. Notice with your senses the sounds, smells feeling, thoughts.

PS Reignite you – 6 week online course is starting soon. You learn how to reconnect- get quiet to find the gold in life, rebalance the areas of life that are not working, reignite your life so that this decade feels like the best time in your life not 10 years ago. The true transformation comes from having accountability to put what you learn into practice. The other gold is the community of like-minded women who are looking for a better way to experience life and step out of the daily struggle. We will have an intimate group of 12. Click here to find out more. I had a text message from client in hospital thanking me, saying she was able to ward off a panic attack by meditation alone. Everything you will learn really works. You just need to be ready to flex your muscle.

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