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Are you overcommitted and overwhelmed?

Does it feel like you are juggling 90 balls in the air? Like you're being pulled in all directions at once and failing miserably? Are the cracks showing in your health? You're over it! That was me 10 years ago. Grab your free copy of Saying No With Kindness.

Struggling to feel your best?

I help high achieving Lovelies like you get sleeping and healthy in 90 days.


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Have you tried medications, but it feels like you are just band-aiding the problem?

Complementary therapies

Or alternative therapies that work for a few days, but then you’re back to square one?

I am here to get you sleeping and healthy in 90 days.

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It’s time to get lasting results. I’m here to help Reignite You – my proven 3-step system to master your health.

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After my stroke Brigette helped me realise I didn't want to go back to my old life. Today, life is richer than before.


I have found a way to do less and achieve more.


People ask me what I’m on. I am so happy.