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Result Coaching - Mornington Peninsula

Do you ever feel you are drowning in all your commitments? Exhausted – you do everything for other? Feel like there is no you? Stuck – is your health affected? In my case it led to cancer. Unbelievably this was my second health crisis. What followed was a transformational journey to un-learn toxic lifestyle habits and to re-learn how to feel alive. I traded in corporate life to become an Integrated Health Coach.

As a Coach I help, stressed-out women to feel calm, vibrant and free.  What I am really passionate about is empowering you to put yourself first guilt-free. So you can be the best partner, mother, you.

It’s like hanging on a trapeze swing, you see the next swing coming towards you but you are afraid to reach out.  You feel uncomfortable hanging where you are but you know you can’t go back.  I am the Instructor walking beside you, inspiring and cheering you on to reach out for the next swing.

Mornington Peninsula Coaching

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As a Coach, I help women transform in a 3 step blueprint:

Coaching in 3 steps - Mornington Peninsula

Reconnect: Learn how to stop and connect with your body.  Our body is like an amazing super computer, it tells us when things are going wrong. Creating space provides clarity.

Rebalance:  I am your accountability buddy to take action to make changes in the areas that aren’t working in your life.    Committing to daily action.  A funny thing happens, you start to feel calm.

Reignite:  You have the confidence to add things in that make you feel alive creating freedom.