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Reignite You – 6 week Transformation Online Program

Who is this for?

I am feeling overwhelmed, lost and scared.
I am ready to take responsibility to feel present and calm and find joy even in these challenging times.

Who is this not for?

For those who feel they are powerless and are not ready to change.

How does it work?

We kick off in April. Each week we meet online for one training session plus one group coaching session. In the coaching session you discuss what is working and what you need help with.
In total we have 12 sessions together.

I am unsure if I can be vulnerable in a group?

The beautiful thing about a group is it is filled with like-minded women. I create a safe space and you will feel a sense of connection with women going through the same challenges as you.

What happens if I miss a session?

Don’t worry because they are recorded. You can listen to the recording.

The Outline

Week 1

Goal setting
We do this so we can measure results. What you focus your attention on you draw to you.

Week 2

Learning how to get quiet so you can hear the messages from your body. Being able to direct your thoughts away from the worry of the future to being present right now.
You learn easy tools to create that quiet place where you can listen to your guidance, even if you think you can’t meditate.

Week 3

Future visioning
Here we focus on drawing a brighter future towards you. We focus on both the science of how it all works and use practical exercises.

Weeks 4 and 5

Looking at the areas of life where you feel negative or low. An example may be world events, relationships, work, health, food, sleep, finances, physical activity, creativity. We work on how you let go of negative areas while infusing more satisfaction into your life.

Week 6

Reignite you
Discovering and implementing practices in your life that give you joy. Learn how to make them a non-negotiable practice and do it guilt free. When you feel good everyone feels good.

Week 7 (Bonus)

We come back and celebrate our wins on a final call

Bonus Strategy Session

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