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My Story

10 years ago, my life changed forever. At the time I was drowning in a sea of busyness and commitments. Constantly running on empty. Putting others first, it was an addiction. There was no me. Thinking this was normal life but feeling alone. -My Superwoman Complex. I didn’t realise it was affecting my health. This led to cancer. Crazily this was my second health crisis.

My wakeup call came when my treatment didn’t work. It was at that moment, feeling completely stuck, that I surrendered and let go. In that quiet place came an inner knowing. I had the power to create health if I just listened. What followed was a transformational journey over 5 years. To un-learn my toxic lifestyle habits and to re-learn how to feel alive again.

I noticed that if I took the time to reconnect (get quiet) I felt calmer.  These reconnection rituals became non-negotiable, like cleaning your teeth. I kissed goodbye to Superwoman addiction. Took a hard look at what wasn’t working in my life. I had the courage to make changes. Today I feel vibrant and healthy. I feel re-ignited, alive to life. I put myself first (guilt-free), knowing I am a better mother, partner and me.

Trading in my stressful corporate life, I re-trained as an Integrated Health Coach. My driving passion is to help stressed-out women with the Superwoman Complex to feel calm, vibrant and free.

Today I feel grateful because I get to inspire others as a Coach, Speaker and Author.

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