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Stress in the Workplace ?

1 in 6 Australian workers are affected by mental illness every year.

It is time to improve the focus on mental health in the workplace.


The current workplace is fuelled by:
Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.1 billion per year. Every $1.00 that Business invests in mental health and wellbeing returns $2.30.
It is vital that Executives make a visible, long-term commitment to improving the focus on mental health in their workplace and make lasting positive change.

Who is Brigette Sigley?

Brigette spent 22 years working in Corporate.  She was CEO of a major Computer Services Company.  She knows first-hand the effects of stress and burn-out.  In her case it led to cancer. This was her second major illness in 5 years.   

Her wakeup call came when the treatment she was having didn’t work.  Brigette went on a 5 year transformational journey to unlearn toxic lifestyle habits and to relearn how to live.  Today 9 years later she is calm, vibrant and free.  She sold her company and works as a successful Coach, Speaker and Author.

She inspires through her own journey from stress- based disease to learning how to thrive.

During the last 9 years Brigette has developed a transformational model for stressed out executives to help avoid burnout.

Coaching in 3 steps - Mornington Peninsula


You learn practical strategies to feel calm and connect with your intuition. Leading to greater focus and creativity in the workplace.


You discover what is out of balance in your life which is a powerful exercise. We discuss strategies on how we change these areas.


We do an unlocking process to identify activities to integrate in your life that are just for you which make you feel alive. Your mental health is boosted leading to less sick leave and a happier workplace./p>

Here’s what other Corporates have to say:

We all gained a better understanding of ourselves and each other. Staff are working as a more cohesive team. There were a couple of non-team players that self -selected to leave which left us with the passionate team members.

It is an amazing course of team building, coaching and self-awareness lessons. It was an indulgent thing to do for the staff, but I believe that in order to be happy and productive you need to have life balance.

Collin Hyett CEO of Collin Hyett Design

Brigette has been a speaker and coach to our staff. Her journey of never stopping, leading to disease and then finding her way back to balance and health is inspiring. We understand when she speaks to us about the relationship between stress and disease. Educating and assisting our staff to live in balance is essential so we can maintain staff retention and productivity.

Ross Millen Director Millens

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